Lycee Georges Pompidou School

Updated March 04, 2013

Name: Lycee Georges Pompidou

PO 294471

City: Dubai

Tel : 04 3260026

Fax:  04 3260027

Founded: 1978

Level: Up to Grade 12


Curriculum: French

Co-ed? Yes

Staff Nationality / Qualification: Mainly French Nationality

Predominant Student Nationality: French

Locations: Academic City Dubai , Primary in Sharjah and Dubai at Oud Mentha.

Activities / Facilities: Gymnasium, Football Court, Arts Room

Uniform (Yes/No?) yes

Bus Service (Yes/No?) No

Entrance Requirements: Fluency in French

Fees: see


Comments: Primary in Sharjah and Dubai at Oud Mentha.

Parental Comments/Opinions

1 The Lycee Geoeoges Pompidou in Academic City Dubai is a co-educational French-medium
 The Lycee offers the French national curriculum and receives annual inspections to retain its accreditation by the French Ministry of Education. English is taught as a foreign language from the early primary years onwards. Secondary school students must also study another foreign language in addition to English and Arabic is
compulsory for native and non-native speakers alike.. The school also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities (payable by parents) and fees are very reasonable.


I have my 2 children (aged 7 and 3) in the Lycee Francais.  The French school is all right; but my idea of schooling is the old type of schooling, where the French school is of the model of learning when to read and write at the age of 6 or 7. 
It is the only French speaking school in Dubai, and I have chosen it because when I go back home, there will be more choice for me to place my children in a French speaking school.


My 4 year old daughter has been attending what is called the Lycee Georges Pompidou since September and we're very happy with it so far. She is in maternelle moyenne section where the emphasis is really on play, preparation for reading and writing, cooking and eating (!) and the usual nursery activities. There's a reasonable mix of nationalities in the school with nearly half the children coming from French expatriate families and the others from Arab, mainly Lebanese families.
Class size is about 25/26 which I think is a bit big for the age group but the teacher has a full time assistant - both are French. 
The only real weakness I've found so far is that they do not put much emphasis on physical education and don't even have such good facilities. Most other schools in Dubai have playing fields and a swimming pool but they only have  a "salle de sport"  which I think the children are taken to once a day. The Sharjah campus might be different though. 


The school is over subscribed and have to give priority to French passport holders so you need to get your child's name down pretty quickly I'd imagine.



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