Home Internet Connections

Etisalat ( UAE Telecom) is the main ISP in the UAE. Some new areas  in Dubai have their own ISPs or use  "Du"

Please note that in the interests of cultural sensitivity some sites are blocked by them. This is part of life in the UAE.

Requirements for Internet connection :-

1. No objection letter from employer + copy of your lease agreement
2. Copy of passport
3. Application form (obtained from Etisalat). 
4. Installation charges confirm on application-

Basically the best choices for internet at home are called Elife go to this link




For travellers

Using a prepaid telephone card bought from a shop you can connect to the Internet with your pc. Dial 128 followed  by the 14 digit card number on your pre paid card. Charge is 15 fils per minute. All you need is a PC, the cable, the card and a phone socket.



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