Dubai Electricity and Water (DEWA)

The electricity supply is 220/230 Volts, 50 Hertz  and expensive if you have to pay for A/c

Expect bills of Dhs 1800 + per month in summer ( half of this in winter) if you are in a villa. Apartment living is much cheaper especially if the A/c is covered by the landlord.

DEWA bills arrive monthly usually either at your building or to your postal address whichever you nominate. These can be paid in person, by cheque or through your bank or credit card account and via the internet depending on what you prefer.

They are beautifully colour coded RED - Electricity, BLUE - Water and BROWN -Sewage .

The DEWA home page is at

On it you can find out your present amount owing provided you have your account number.

Dubai Municipality now places a 5% tax based on your rental amount on your DEWA bill monthly


This page was last updated by Leigh Butler on March 04, 2013